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There are four different types of voltas mini magic water dispensers. The first is the voltas mini magic tt which is the table top model of voltas mini magic series. The voltas mini magic TT is just 19 inches in height and it can fit on top of any table. It is most useful in compact places where there is less space to keep standing water dispensers. Thus voltas mini magic TT is used in such cases.

The other model which is most popular is the Voltas mini magic plus R or Super R. Both the models have an inbuilt refrigerator but there are other subtle differences between these two mini magic dispensers. The voltas mini magic plus R has only two temperature option – hot and cold whereas the Super R has three temperature options – Hot, plain and cold.

Furthermore the electricity consumption of Voltas mini magic super R is much lesser than Voltas plus R. And lastly, The voltas mini magic super R model has larger dimensions and a larger inbuilt refrigerator as compared to voltas mini magic plus R thereby giving more sturdiness and rigidity to the Voltas super R.

The last model in the voltas mini magic series is the Mini magic super F. This model is a floor mounted model similar to Mini magic plus R, however it does not come with a refrigerator, but instead it has a storage cabinet. This model too gives all three temperature of water viz – hot, plain and cold.

The mini magic series is a long running and promising series of voltas water dispensers. Mumbai refrigeration is authorised dealer for all voltas water dispensers. If you require a voltas mini magic water dispenser than please feel free to call us at the given number or you can mail us with the contact form below. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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